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  • Estate Planning
  • Protecting Your Business & Personal Assets
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  • All Legal Forms & Documents
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The foundation for all financial planning is the Family Living Trust Estate Plan ("The Estate Plan").  The Family Living Trust Estate Plan Avoids Probate!  Advantages of The Family Living Trust Estate Plan:

1.  No courts, judges, or lawyers

2.  No probate

3.  Save tens of thousands of dollars in legal, accounting, and executor fees

4.  Immediate distribution to heirs


The Family Living Trust Estate Plan consists of the following seven easy documents:

1.  Declaration of Trust 

2.  Certificate of Trust 

3.  Durable Power of Attorney for Finances 

4.  Healthcare Power of Attorney 

5.  Healthcare Directive 

6.  Pour-Over Will 

7.  Final Arrangements Directive


Why You Want to Avoid Probate! 

Probate will cost your estate and your heirs 15 to 50% of your remaining assets. 

1.  Loss of privacy

2.  Public record of personal information

3.  Time Delays to heirs

4.  Unnecessary legal fees

5.  Unnecessary accounting fees

6.  Unnecessary stress on family

7.  Possible forced sale of assets

8.  Degrading and unnecessary guardianship hearings where the judge has the power to appoint a guardian for you, your spouse, or your under-age children!

Our Experience, Training, and Results 

We have 30 years of experience and expertise in improving the lives and happiness of our clients!  

We are board certified in financial wellness planning, estate planning, legal planning, and asset protection!  

Our financial wellness planners have advanced degrees in human behavior, law, and business!

Life Counsel, Estate Planning, and Asset Protection

  • The Master Financial Wellness Plan (The Master Plan):  How to be Invisible to the IRS and Create Financial Security!

  • The Family Living Trust Estate Plan (The Estate Plan):  How to Avoid Probate, Courts, Judges, and Expensive Lawyers!  A Will is Not Enough!

  • The Guardian Asset Protection Plan (The Guardian):  How to Protect your Business, Practice, and Investments from Legal Predators!

  • The Life Satisfaction Plan:  (The Well-Being Plan):  How to Create a Flourishing Life

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