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Our Story

     Our President, Jefferson Wells, JD, PhD, is a unique and trusted adviser who has training and expertise in ...



asset protection


estate planning





     He has been serving the clients of Financial Wellness by Design for more than 30 years.  He is a Board Certified Chief Financial Officer, a prestigious credential granted by The American Board of Standards.

     Jeff works with companies, organizations, nonprofits, small business owners, families, and individuals!  He is a practicing Chief Financial Officer who performs this essential function for his clients. 


     Happiness, life satisfaction, well-being, and financial security are common aspirations for us all.  Jeff's focus is to help you achieve these aspirations through effective accounting systems, financial planning, estate planning, asset protection, and life planning.


     Jeff has a BA in Political Science, an MBA in Finance, a JD in Law, and a PhD in Evolutionary Psychology.  Jeff is also a private attorney-in-fact acting on behalf of his clients pursuant to their instructions.   

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Our Mission/Vision

     The mission of Jefferson Well's Consulting is to enhance the 

happiness, well-being, and financial security of our clients!

Our vision is to "Create a World of Well-Being!"

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